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Q-talk 7 - ODDS and ENDS

CANADIANS, you gotta be proud. The careful organization, the warmth and spirit displayed at the Olympic opening makes me proud to be your neighbor and a little bit disappointed that I haven't seen any more of your country than Windsor. I plan to change that!

And by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AUSTRAILIA! - 200, and not even breathing hard!

Batteries for Quickies/Q-2 etc. Dee Brown is sold on the batteries he uses in his planes. A 200 amp equal in weight to the motorcycle battery in the Quickie will start his Kawasaki after sitting dormant 7 months. The one in his Cessna 140 cranked after 12 months and was never on a charger. Sold by Electro Marketing Batteries, 7842 East Gray, Scottsdale, AZ 85260; (602) 991-0110. These batteries were developed for the military and are leak proof, liquid-free and have a 6-8 year life. Prices start at $65. President Gary Cheever has catalogs ready for your requests. Also nifty are solar chargers of small size starting at $50.

John Schnackel (IA) found a Lever-Actuated Small Displacement Master Cylinder that looks like the duplicate of the Q-2's in the Airheart Brake Co. catalog. Call Airheart in Minneapolis (612) 333-0707 8-5, M-F.

TRIVIA. QAC's Quickie serial numbers for U.S. kits were 3 digit numbers starting with 001. SSN 558 is the highest number on QBA's roster. Q-2/200 kits started with SN 2000 and the highest U.S. number on our roster is 2883 (or, 883 kits sold). From here on it gets murky. Canadian Quickie kits seem to be in a 1000 series, #1042 being the highest we record. It seems Canadian Q-2/200's have their own 2000 series serials, with 2080 being the highest we record. Overseas sales are impossible to figure: we have a Scottish Quickie SN 439 and an English Q-2 at SN 79. Anybody know the system? In any event, we have a big pile of brothers and sisters out there laboring toward the same dream. Get the word out.

Mike Conlin is an eagle-eyed catalog nut. Call Tower Hobbies 1-800-637-4989 for a free catalog. He found a $17 angle drill drive for a Dremel, a $13 Quickie battery, etc. Elsewhere he found a T260G-GA024 Onan 24 hp engine (Didn't I tell you?) for $800 and a B48G for $700...both with electric start!

ORGAN TRANSPLANT DEPT. You guys with (unfortunately) wrecked aircraft can be a big help to QBAers trying to find hard-to-get metal control parts, etc. Send me an ad or let me know you have parts. You may make a few bucks or help someone get into the air...and that's a nice feeling!

In #4/5 I explained Q-TALK deadlines then did a double issue and took the summer off, thereby confusing all but the astute. *Sigh* I'm like that. Those deadlines will probably apply...generally...so to speak.

I slipped "Q-TALK" in on you guys with nary a blink from anyone. I thought it better reflected the planes covered inside. I don't like it as well. Maybe I should change back. Any votes on that?

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