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QuickTalk 21 - ODDS and ENDS


Now and then I get a call from a member who is almost apologetic to identify himself as a Dragonfly builder. Hear ye, hear ye, you guys are NOT black sheep of this family! Our masthead states we are organized for "Quickie-type experimental aircraft", and that includes you. Don't withhold from the group your experiences with composite construction and other work that we could profit from such as carbon fiber canard construction, HAPI engine reliability, handling with new gear mods, etc., etc. Feel welcome to contact me for information or advice. I have at least a big handful of you guys on the roster, but PLEASE write me with your phone number so I can assign you a special member number. I need to be able to contact you for consultation and a survey of your experience. This applies to you members building other composites too! DO IT NOW. Burt, Dick 'n Jeanna, Rex, Garry and God knows who else get QUICKTALK just like you and sometimes they share valuable information with us.

Some of you guys don't read none too good so we'll do it in pictures:

There. For over a year now, Robert Herd has been retired from active duty with the QBA (see #14). Don't think he isn't a valuable right hand man to me, but those of you who send dues, questions, problems, address changes, etc. relating to QBA to his P. O. Box in Ft. Worth may encounter inordinate delays since he has to pass your stuff on to me for action. Robert does handle special projects for us, like others of you, and all G.E.T.O. correspondence goes to him direct. Honestly, if some of you read your plans no better than this newsletter I'll have to leave a lot more room for accident reports.

More and more of you guys are submitting nice typewritten work while more and more of the time I'm getting tired of typing. If you'd like to help me out by typing your stuff in a format I can use directly, here's what I'm doing. I type up QUICKTALK copy (or draw pictures) inside a five-inch wide column, which then is reduced to what you see in QUICKTALK. If you do this to help me, remember I won't be able to back you up and fix your typos. Also, I am able to get color or b & w photos half-toned equally well, so don't hesitate to send color shots. I have to cut 'em up tho to get 'em to fit so don't send your masterpieces!

Finally, contributors should note that anything from general malaise to phases of the moon may cause your material to see print later than you had hoped. That's the part time, amateur newsletter biz, sorry.

You can order a PDF or printed copy of QuickTalk #21 by using the Q-talk Back Issue Order Page.