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As many of you know, I mailed out over 500 surveys to QBA members requesting their plans for Oshkosh. It was my intent to find out how everyone was coming along on their projects and if there was interest in organizing flying groups for the journey to Wisconsin. The overwhelming response was very enthusiastic for a GET 'EM TO OSHKOSH (GETO) campaign. That's the good news. The bad news is that there are still a lot of people that won't have their airplanes finished by July.

Before discussing the survey results, let me first thank all of you who did respond and especially those who were kind enough to throw in extra stamps with your reply. Since I'm footing the bill for the GETO Campaign, your postage contributions are greatly appreciated. Also, if there is anyone who was not contacted and would be interested in participating, please drop me a line at the address above.

As I mentioned before, it is clear that a lot of you are chomping at the bit to get into the air and start flying with your comrades. However, it also appears that many of you are also pragmatists about your expected date of completion. Without question, the largest group that responded comes from Q2 builders with serial numbers 2600 and up who still envision late 1986 or 1987 for first flights. Overall, it appears many of the Q2 builders have done some back stepping in order to install the new canard and/or Q-200 kit. This excuse was mentioned several times by builders who had expected to already be finished by now. The two subjects mentioned with some regularity by Q2 builders were additional technical details on engine mounting and the availability of backorder from QAC.

Unfortunately, the enthusiasm heard from the Q2 builders is not being echoed by the Quickie rank-and-file. Two phrases were repeated over and over by Quickie builders: "Needs a new engine" and "Waiting for a new canard". The question of a reliable 30-35 HP engine was voiced quite often by those with completed planes as well as those who have yet to fly. In fact, NEARLY A DOZEN survey respondents mentioned their wish to fly to Oshkosh with their Quickies, but did not have enough confidence in the Onan engine to venture on a long cross-country. In many cases, completed planes are being 'mothballed' until a clear winner emerges from the soup of new engines being tried on the Quickie.

So much for the impressions received from the survey. As to the survey numbers, we currently have 7 Quickies and 12 Q2's who say they "definitely" plan to be at Oshkosh with an equal number of each group saying they "might" be at Oshkosh. It is really too early right now to make a guess as to how many airplanes we can actually expect. Hopefully by the next GETO Update I can make a reasonable estimation.

By the time you read this report I should have had enough time to compile the list of possible attendees and begin assimilating the data based upon arrival times, geographical locations, requested flying routes, possible stopover points and the like. This information will be mailed directly to those individuals who expressed themselves to be in the "Yes/Possible" category. Additional information will also be printed in future issues of QUICKTALK. I have called upon my friend and fellow Quickie builder, Norman Howell, to help out as Flight Safety Officer for the Campaign. Norman is a T-37 instructor at Vance AFB and will be helping me organize flight routes as well as oversee the safety of all participants.

I expect that details of the GETO Campaign will be moving along rather quickly now that the survey is completed. Please rest assured that I will do my best to make sure everyone interested is kept up to date.


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