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QuickTalk 19 - CLASSIFIEDS

FOR SALE: "Poor Man's Epoxy Pump", tested for compatibility of epoxy resins and for measurement accuracy and repeatability. Special QBA member prices: plans and epoxy handling info = $1.00. Complete unit with plans and info = $13.00 postpaid. Write SCIENTEC, 129 Capel St., Sarnia, Ontario, Canada N7T 7M1.

Q-2 CONSTRUCTION TAPE: "Template to Test Flight" 5 hours plus. Specify VHS or Beta. $150 normally. QBA member price: $110. Clio Crop Care, Box 422, Clio, SC 29525.

WANTED: Set of carbon spars for Q-2/200 canard. John Aspen, 314 N. Pine, Grand Island, NE 68801. (308) 382-9155.

COMPOSITE AIRCRAFT COMPONENTS INC. - complete sub-assemblies for the Quickie/Q-2/200. Financing plan. Gary Wilson, 401 College, Bruceton, TN 38317.

QUALITY AIRCRAFT COMPONENTS, INC. - makers of sub-assemblies for the Q-2. Larry Fitzgerald, 16223 93rd St., Bristol, WI 53104.

Q-2 KIT COMPLETE, 40% finished (periodically inspected by QAC while built in CA). Main wing and fuselage done. Spars for new canard included. Packages 1, 2, 3 and many options. Geared started, oil sump on Revmaster, hydraulic disc brakes, pre-fab fuel tank, 2 antennas all included. Starting Masters in Aero and USAF move causes sale. Steven Herrlinger, 1449 Sanzon Dr., Fairborn, OH 45324 (513) 426-8070.

FOR SALE CHEAP: Quickie Cowling and 42" Cowley prop for Onan engine. Both $100. Bob Giles, Rt. 1, Box 258, Anna, TX 75003 (214) 924-2207.

FOR SALE: Small wheel set for Q-1. Aluminum hubs, tubes, tires, brake pads, tail wheel, bushing and tailwheel bracket. Jerry Ziger, R #1, Edon, OH 43518 (419) 485-4724.

FOR SALE: 22.5 hp Onan engine. Never used but run on a test stand for 3.5 hrs. Chromed exhaust stacks, Kevlar mount, standard Onan cowling and a climb prop. All for $850. Call John Lockheed, Ashland, OR (503) 482-0980 or 482-5701.

Q-2 PROJECT: New canard kit, forward hinged canopy, all foam hot-wired. Needs canard and wing glassed. Have severe epoxy reaction...even to fiberglass dust. K.C. Priest, 702 Cleveland, Bastrop, LA 71220 (318) 281-9697 No collect. Q-2 #2559 REV 2100, electric start, oil cooler, drain sump.

FOR SALE: Q-2. Transferred to Saudi Arabia (Gulp!). 90% complete. UV barrier on and ready for final paint. Custom HAPI engine. Extra instruments. Trailer available for use or sale. $11,000. Call Steve 1-(203) 325-9001.

WANTED: Prop for Onan 42x30. Broke mine. Write Lester Bone, 6228 Winter St., Ft. Wayne, IN 46816.

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