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Q: Is anyone working on a four-place Quickie (Q4)? I find that my wife, two daughters and I would fit weight-wise into a Q2 (370 lbs total), but are two seats shy. With Continental 0-200 power in the works, a stretched version would seem a natural. (Boeing does it all the time!) (J.R. Briner, #2123)

Q: Has anyone come up with a fix to allow the use of auto fuel in composite tanks (Ed. note: See Odds & Ends, Issue #6)? (J.R. Briner, #2123 & Chris Buhler, #2593)

A: Apparently not yet. No one we contacted had been able to find a solution to the problem. However, some informal tests were described to us by Tom Gordy (#2151) using RAEF, RAES and SAFE-T-POXY. Samples of all three were prepared, weighed and immersed in 100% toluene for a week. The RAEF had noticeably softened and had soaked up some toluene. After four weeks the RAEF was like putty, the RAES was softened and the SAFE-T-POXY showed little effect. Tom's conclusion was that layups in cold or wet weather or with improperly stirred epoxy might result in improper curing and greater danger from possible toluene exposure. The chemical seemed to leach uncured epoxy residues out of an exposed layup. Until further tests, caution is advised.

Q: Have been trying to find an article I read somewhere about moving the axle forward 1" to reduce the possibility of the nose tipping down with heavy braking. Does anyone remember where this was published? Also, has anyone put independent brakes on each wheel? (Charles Kennedy, #2646)

Q: Has anyone developed a night lighting packing for their airplane? I could use some guidance in that department. (John McCluskey, #2441)

Q: I want to use dual control sticks on the cockpit sides with a center throttle. Does anyone have design suggestions? (Bob Lane, #2592)

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