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Q: What is the effect on the top speed of a Quickie if little or no filling of the weave is done on the bottom of the main wing and/or fuselage, rather than finishing these surfaces somewhat smoother? By finishing the entire aircraft smooth, is the top speed increased and by what amount? (Chris Young, #469)

A: Filling the weave will give you very little performance increase. By filling the tops of the canard and wing and the first one-third of the bottom well (to sailplane standards), will net 5-10 mph top end and drop the stall speed 2-3 mph. Fill on the fuselage probably will net 2-3 mph if well done. (from QAC)

Q: I had problems of acrylic enamel making bubbles (1" to 2" in size), which showed up a week after painting. Seems that DuPont primer (recommended in the plans) is a lacquer-based product that continues to breathe and the acrylic enamel top coat doesn't allow it. Anybody else have similar problems? (J.P. Stroud, #409)

Q: I have a vibration problem with my Quickie at certain RPM's. Seems the mounting spacers sent by QAC are far too short. Anyone have a good source of spacer material? (J.P. Stroud, #409)

Q: Several builders at Oshkosh mentioned modifying the tailwheel brackets so the tailwheel bolt is perpendicular to the ground. What's involved and what difference does it make? (Kim Singleton, #2170)

A: While landing I began making my first turnoffs at increasing taxi speeds. One time, at about 25-30 mph, I started a left turn but the right rudder wouldn't straighten it! An engine blast only produced two 360-degree turns on the runway opposite the turnoff. Stopped engine to investigate. The tail wheel pivot screw had torn out all the aluminum threads and the tailwheel was locked in a left turn. Note the tailwheel pivot leans backward, causing locking effect in turns. Pivot should be vertical or slightly forward to have the tail wheel track straight, especially in the event of malfunction. (Jerry Goodman, #293)

Q: Has anyone any factual information regarding Revmaster engines being banned in Australia due to failure within 20 hours? My asking Revmaster was sloughed off with a comment about 10 years ago and if you just sat on a fence and did nothing you wouldn't get hurt. (Jim Wilker, #2294)

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