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QuickTalk 4 - ODDS and ENDS

You may remember that one of our goals at QBA was to help builders meet each other. In issue #2, we published a list of our current membership. Boy, have things changed since then! We now have over 500 members in six countries! As a result, we will not be able to put a current membership list with issues of QUICKTALK. However, this shouldn't stop us from distributing our roster to members. Just send us a SASE if you are only requesting one or two states. If you want our entire list, send us $1.00 since we'll have to use an oversized envelope and extra postage. Our newest list should be available in early August.

Please take a close look at your mailing label. For this issue only we have included the phone number listed for you. Also note any incorrect information or spellings of your name and address. To the right of your name should be your kit number in parenthesis. To the right of that in brackets is the month and year of your QBA expiration. If any of the above information is missing, please let us know. (Since you were going to send us a builder tip anyway, right?)

Anyone looking for a cheap substitute for a Variac as a variable voltage supply for a hot wire cutter might consider the Hot Wire Saw Resistor Kit ($15.00) from Alpha Plastics, Rt. 1 - Box 231, West, TX 76691. It's simple, but less clumsy than the one depicted in the plans. You may also wish to ask for their list of other composite supplies at reasonable prices.

Since we are discussing goodies that no homebuilder can do without, how about a rubber stamp with a Quickie on it? I knew you couldn't resist. The example comes from "The Olde Tyme Syne Shoppe". They have examples of a large selection of homebuilts from Pietenpols to BD-5s. They are $3.95 plus postage. Contact: O.T.S.S., Box 56, Sabina, OH 45169.

Norris (Andy) Shane of Loring AFB, Maine has made a standing offer to all builders: anyone who would like to bring their completed Quickie/Q2 to beautiful Maine has a place to stay and a tour guide, but may be asked to demo their machine for his class of Canadian Air Cadets. He says if you're retired or active military, he might even be able to dig up a ride on a tanker. Sound like a pretty good deal. Andy's address is 2110-C Tennessee Circle, Loring AFB, ME 04751 (207) 328-7388

Howard Meissner of Mission Viejo, CA reminds us that an aircraft builder can send in for a personalized "N" number at any time after starting construction. It is recommended that you apply at least 90 days prior to the completion date to prevent being slowed by the FAA in Oklahoma City. If you want a special "N" number, there is a $10 fee for each year the number is kept on reserve.

In one of his meaner moments, Howard also sent us one of those full-color brochures extolling the virtues of flying to the Baja peninsula. Among the pictures of pristine beaches and crystal clear scuba waters it tells of "...the ideal weekend hideaway for private pilots seeking fun in the sun...miles of sandy beaches, the sun, the sea, the sky, and you...park your plane within 50 yards of your beachfront cabana...etc., etc.,etc., ad nauseaum". Howard knew very very well that we are over 500 miles from a beach in this part of Texas! The only sand we get to see comes from New Mexico at about 35 knots from the west! But for the rest of you who might like to consider a new place to take your airplanes, this could be it. Contact: Punta San Francisquito, P.O. Box 424, Fullerton, CA 92632 (714) 870-7551.

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