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Q: Do you know of any Q2 builders that are putting together their own engine as I am? It seems my prop hub (HAPI) is about 2" shorter than the Revmaster. I'm looking to talk to some other builders who may have solved this. (Thomas Straub, #2711)

Q: Has anyone determined the best length of the ESM 1-1 bushing to minimize vibration in the Quickie?

Q: Is the carb heat effective and necessary on the Quickie? (Don Ralph, #300)

Q: Has anyone come up with a cabin heat system? Could the oil cooler be used to provide waste heat?

Q: Does the larger tire option for the Q2 consist simply of new tires, or are other components involved? (Jerry Briner, #2123)

A: We spoke with QAC and were informed that the large tire option consists only of tires and tubes.

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