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QuickTalk 4 - LATE BULLETIN!

We are extremely saddened to report the death of Tom Jewett, President of Quickie Aircraft Corporation, as a result of a fatal crash on July 2nd. The accident occurred at Mojave during a test flight of the round-the-world prototype, "Free Enterprise". Jewett was in the plane when it developed mechanical problems. He radioed to a ground crew he was going to land and about 200 feet above the ground, the yellow craft nose-dived into the ground at the east of the runway.

It is currently not known what effect this will have on QAC's future operations. A complete explanation for builders will probably not be available until Oshkosh.

In similar news, a recent fatal accident near Denton, Texas of a VariEze is being given considerable attention. The cause of the crash has been traced to in-flight structural failure, the first to our knowledge. A very thorough investigation by Dick Rutan and Michael Melvill showed numerous building errors and omission of several key layups. Poor workmanship was evident throughout.

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