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QuickTalk 2 - Q2 HINTS

From K. C. Priest, #2559

1. (Page 9-6, 10-8) Some of us are considering the possibility of installing aileron/elevator center hinge (QCSM2, QCSM7) before epoxying the metal tube to the foam to save some tunneling and refilling. QAC says vertical alignment may be difficult upon installation.

2. (Page 14-3) Header tank and main tank may be installed before permanently joining fuselage shells, while it is easier to do. You must make sure that shells are not forced out of shape so they will not match and fit together later.

From Hal Grove, #2446

1. My partner and I found that the hard skin on the foam billets was the culprit causing the tendency of foam cores to warp. By carefully "skinning" the billet with the hot wire prior to cutting any components, warpage was eliminated.

From Robert McCollum, #2143

1. (Page 8-2) Instead of the 1/4" plywood called for in the fuselage nest templates, I used 5/8" particleboard and bent up 1/8" steel gussets to hold them in place. Once I had the lower fuselage in place, I bondoed it. Now it won't slide around and I'm not afraid to sit in it.

2. (Page 8-2) Small tabs (1/4" x 1/4" x 1") bondoed to the lower fuselage will help hold the upper half in line. If Bondo doesn't hold, a #10 screw will. Fill the hole with micro when you join the halves.

From Richard Howland, #2447

1. (Page 8-2) We installed the lower forward fuselage fiberglass reinforced attach fittings (Chapter 15) before installing FS94 bulkhead to avoid cutting away the bottom of that bulkhead and replacing what's been cut away. This is for a detachable rear fuselage.

2. (Page 8-2) After trimming the fuselage, we found the right forward fuselage shell 1/4" longer than the left and thought the firewall was canted to the left (for engine rotation?). A phone call to QAC and rereading the plans showed that the firewall is perpendicular to BLOO.

From Howard Schuckler, #2166

1. To level the fuselage in the female jigs, bondo several wooden blocks to the bottom forward fuselage and attach these to the jig table with adjustable turn buckles.

From Bob Falkiner, (Q2)

1. (Page 5-3) The canard instructions should say to bevel the center section 0.5", not 0.6" as written in the plans. A previous "correction" changed it to 0.7" from 0.6", making it worse. /Editor's note: See also Q2PC #4/

From Kimberly Singleton, #2170

1. (Page 6-3) Don't trim off the excess foam on the ends of the elevator before you glass. You can nail through these to hold the elevator steady while you glass.

From Jim Wilker, #2294

1. (Page 13-1) When I glassed my canopy to the upper fuselage, the shell spread out at the bottom making it tough to join the upper and lower shells later. Maybe a good tip would be to use a temporary spacer across the span.

From the QBA staff

1. We have had numerous builders write to say that their bulkheads did not quite fit. It is suggested that builders consider using a cardboard template to determine the size required or glass the bulkheads a bit oversize and trim them to fit the individual aircraft.

2. Have been receiving a lot of inquiries concerning two items in particular: Over-sized engines (i.e. C-85) and canopies that open vertically. Quite frankly, the majority of what we have heard on these subjects has been second-hand knowledge. We would like to ask if you have done any serious work toward these areas (or perhaps have done either successfully) that you write us. We will be more than willing to print this advice or exchange the names of those pursuing such modifications.

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