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From Neal Current, #399

1. In order to save weight, improve cooling on left side of the engine, and avoid cowling removal to add oil, remove the Quickie oil filler tube and dipstick. Tap hole for 3/4" NPT brass pipe thread plug that can be removed through the forward cowling intake. Fill to bottom of hole through a tube or narrow, long-neck plastic bottle like gear lube container.

From Harold Little, #147

1. From 1960-1966, the VW Beetle had a float-cable fuel gauge. The whole assembly separates into four readily disassembled parts - float & rod, flange & bell crank, cable assembly, and the display. This gauge is easily removed from a junk VW and can be simply installed in the Quickie, for a weight penalty of only 15 ounces.

From Jim Stoveken, #204

1. (Large Tire Option) Anyone with large wheels should put a liner between tube and split wheel. I had two tubes go bad within two days of each other. Use a bicycle inner tube, cut a strip about 2" wide and long enough to go all around inside of wheel to cover split.

From Bob Ballard, #386

1. (Page 7-10) Builders should clamp or bolt the two halves of the engine cowling together before the firewall is mounted to the fuselage. Check to see that the aft dimensions of the cowling will correspond to the dimensions of the firewall. Cut the firewall according to plans and then make adjustments to allow for the buildup of orange foam (forward fuselage cover) later. The whole idea is to have the forward fuselage fair into the cowling both top and bottom without too much adjustment.

From Tom Solan, #259

1. (Page 7-7) Suggest builders leave a 1" band of foam unglassed around the edge of the fuselage bottom. This will make the job of carving the outside fuselage much easier because of not having to grind through this glass.

From Donald Parker, #68

1. (Page 10-11) I found while fitting the Heim rod ends, if they were tightened wrong, they wouldn't have free movement and the CSA-7 would bend.

2. (Page 12-3) Place fuel filter and squeeze bulb out where it's easier to get at. /Sure beats having to scramble when you really need it. -Ed./

From Bruce Patten, #298

1. I got the OK from QAC to use white foam like that in the Q2 kits for the main wing cover and the forward fuselage cover in place of the PVC. The white foam is a 4-lb. modified urethane, and I am informed that it is actually stronger than the PVC. It is flexible enough to assume the required curve without heating. /Bruce is a Quickie dealer. -Ed./

From Richard Spencer, #429

1. (Page 16-1) Prior to installing the 100 PMG mounts between the instrument panel and instrument bulkhead, the panel and bulkhead should be measured for a proper fit between the longerons at its appropriate position. The 100 PMG mounts may have to be moved inward slightly from the locations marked on the full size drawings.

From Don Ralph, #300

1. (Page 7-4) Peel-ply edges of all bulkheads to save sanding later.

From Owen Billman, #53

1. (Page 7-14) Second paragraph should say, "Begin by cutting (WITH A SAW, not a hot wire)..."

2. (Page 7-11) Plans should mention, "Cut off longeron stubs forward of the firewall so they are flush."

3. (Page 10-1) You will probably find it easier to install the pilot tube before glassing the canard.

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