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QuickTalk 1 - LETTERS

I would like to join any Quickie owners association that may develop. I have been working on my Quickie for about 3 years (not too intensely). It is nearly complete, needing primer and paint and such details as weight and balance calculations.

My weight stands at approximately 282 lbs. without paint (by bathroom scales) so I am overweight. This seems to be a general problem with builders around here. One builder from Campbell, near here, tried his first flight at Watsonville, CA a month or two ago and being unable to gain altitude after lift-off, dropped it into a field straight ahead. The Quickie had its canard broken loose from the fuselage but he was unhurt. He thinks the problems might have been rough canard, overweight and low power.

At least two other builders in the area have broken propellers on hard landings or ground handling situations. One of those builders (at Half Moon Bay, CA) has reportedly broken 2 or 3 propellers.....

The Quickie kit seemed to go together fairly well. There are some plans mistakes and it seems like 25% or so of the bolts were the wrong length to be ideal for the job. I trade labor with George Edwards of Saratoga, CA who is also building a Quickie. All layups were done with one or two people and there really should have been more on the major ones. The complete job has been done with the old epoxy using care to use rubber gloves or gloves and barrier at all times. No significant problems in this area.

My exhaust pipes don't really fit, having near zero clearance with the top cowling even with approximately 3" cutouts. There is hard contact between the carb heat muff and the top cowling but there does not seem to be a vibration problem. The engine has been run on the aircraft a few times for 5 to 15 minutes at a time."

Adrian Weigart (S/N #85), Cupertino, CA

/There were six Quickies at Oshkosh last year. Most listed finished weights in the 290-305 lb. range, with the lightest at 285. Don't be surprised, builders, if you are overweight. Constantly think about "LIGHTNESS" whenever you are building. Near gross an 18-hp Quickie will make your seat damp on take-off. Don't try it from a short runway. QUICKTALK will be seriously looking into the questions of weight and first flight impressions in an upcoming issue. -Ed./

"Although just starting my project, I already see the necessity of reading ahead in the manual before beginning any particular task. I recommend that the beginning builder read chapter number 3 (Q2 Plans) at least three times and the remainder of the manual at least twice. This practice has saved me many hours of work so far. Also, make notes in the margin referring to closely related sections of the manual. I made Xerox copies of all Plan Changes and builder tips. I placed the originals in the front of the manual, and taped each individual note on the appropriate page of the plans."

Ronald Cross (Q2 #2397), Tulsa, OK

"Yes, we should form an association of Quickie/Q2 builders.

One of the things that I have been trying to get since I purchased my Q2 was copies of all the packing lists so that I could see what had not been shipped. After two phone calls without results, I drove up to Mojave while on a business trip in Los Angeles. They immediately furnished me with a set of which copies are enclosed.

While there it was observed by myself and a friend that the builder's phone was not being answered. By this I mean that it had been taken off of the hook, put on hold and then put back on the hook, which would give anyone calling the busy signal. I called this to their attention and indicated that if the builders would know what was going on, the publicity would curtail their sales to zero.

After raising all of this fuss they somehow drew my name for the ride that is given on Saturdays. By the way, the plane handled beautifully. My main concern was with the noise level, especially from the tail wheel while taxiing to and from the runway. It acts as a stylus and you are sitting right in the megaphone.

We have about a dozen individuals building Q2's in this area and not one has received an answer to a written letter. Maybe as a group we can solve some of our problems between us, and I would hope that the organization would not turn into a sounding board or name calling group either."

Ron Carlson (Q2 #2220), Mahtomedi, MN

Thanks in part to Ron's diligence; we have a complete set of packing lists for both the Quickie and Q2. If you have difficulty obtaining these from QAC, send us a SASE and we will mail you a copy.-Ed./

"....Enclosed are the $6 for my dues. If I can provide any type of assistance or support toward the newsletter please let me know. I am firmly behind the concept.

Current status of my project is: fuselage shells joined; elevators, ailerons, rudder, wing, fuel tank complete; verical fin and canard complete by Jan. 13, 1982; canopy trim in progress; still waiting for materials from kit #1 such as nuts, bolts, glass, & tailwheel; still waiting for nearly all items from kit #2; not much response from QAC to my questions except that I have developed a good relationship with Mel, the office manager, who generally looks after me.....

....For what it's worth, I had 149 1/2 hours when I first sat in the fuselage with the canopy out, fore and aft shells complete, all bulkheads installed, fuel tank trimmed, and the misc. wood and metal components complete as well as all templates. Now up to 240+ hours...."

Steven MacLeod (Q2 #2220), Houston, TX

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