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Hello all

We did it! We are officially opening our S.I.R.Bernard Forestburg Airpark with free for all BBQ for 3 Days.
May 1st, 2nd and third, we will have the BBQ hot for Lunch and Diner.
All charges are waived, including camping fees.
So either fly in you baby or drive it in inside a trailer. All free once you are here.
This Airpark is VERY Gyro and UL friendly. (Owners own a Raf2000, an Aircommqand 532, A Challenger and a Quicky2 themselves).
Come and celebrate with us.
We also have Supreme Gas available for fill ups and Bycicles, Mopeds and Motorcycles for the quick sightseeing tour available. (Also no charge)

It does not get any cheaper than this.


Email us or call us with questions: sven@cef6.ca 780-881-5678


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