Q-talk 91 - Checking in with Headquarters

John Gransella - Costa Mesa, CA. Dave: Kit # 2038 continues - slowly. Dave Smiley (a dentist - good name) and I put the A/C all together last weekend to see if we could start. No spark, so I guess the points are corroded. So, off comes the engine - again! Keep up the good work!

Clark Betts - Des Moines, IA. I like you labeling articles/ hints Q1,Q2, Q200 and/or all. I was never quite sure what tips applied to before.

Doug Brablec - Libertyville, IL. I'm in IL. N1201D is in FL and out of annual. BAD. Less than 3 years to retirement and time to play. Getting Better.

Sam Kittle - Angles Camp, CA. Dave, Thanks for doing a great job on the newsletter this past year. Hope I can come up with something to contribute this year.

Adrian Weigart - Cupertino, CA. N3QK - Quickie #85. Please sign me up for another year.

Joseph Galletti - Englewood, OH. Here are the 2002 dues. How close are you to Dayton, OH? Ed Note: Stow is a suburb of Akron, OH. Our house is inside the northern landing pattern of the Kent State airport (1G3).

Stu White - Caledonia, MI. Dear Dave, Enclosed is my check for 2002 dues. You are turning out a quality newsletter ? keep up the good work! I have had no input for a long time due to the fact that 3 houses have gotten in the way. My Tri-Q is now in the unfinished family room on the lower level of our new condo. It fits nicely through an 8' slider! No more excuses for not working on it!

Lyle Ungerecht - Banning, CA. Another year, another $20-and my Q-Bird remains broken. Maybe I will get back to it in '02. Keep helping motivate old timers like me!

Jim Porter - Madison, AL. The newsletter is great, Dave! Thank you.

Nathen Peck - Valley Park, MO. Dear Dave, Enclosed is a check to renew my subscription dues. Thanks for producing a terrific newsletter. My post-college bank account is slightly more prosperous and should allow another project in the near future. I am working in St. Louis, Missouri as a corporate pilot flying a Canadair Challenger. Our flight

department is only scheduled for trips every other Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I don't know if I could have a better job to facilitate the construction of some type of project. However, first and foremost, I must resurrect my Quickie and start enjoying the thrills it was so good at giving. I miss it very much.

Igor Mokrys - Calgary, Alberta. You're doing a great job as an editor of the newsletter and we all owe you one.

Bill Butler - Mundelein, 1L. Dave, I've just finished reading the Nov/Dec'01 newsletter. Wonderful job. Keep up the good work. Give our regards to Susie, please. Lily and I will be at Sun 'n Fun. I've included $20.00 for 2002.

Terry Sickler - Castle Rock, CO. Hello Dave, I'll bet you guys thought I dropped off the face of the earth. Not quite... but close. I hope to get back on the Q-List soon. All is well here in Colorado. I have been assisting Bob Marietta with his Tri-Q200 acquisition. I hope to be flying very soon as well. I miss the "Q-Guys" very much. All my best to the Q-dudes in the New Year. ~T~

Jerry Marstall - Asheville, NC. Howdy. With great pleasure and humility, I beg your acceptance of my dues for 2002. My life would be empty without Q-Talk. Oh revered one, may 2002 find eloquence in your pen and lift under your wings (not arm pits).

Fred Wemmering - Fayetteville, NC. Will try to be at Sun 'n Fun in April.

Lawrence Pratt - Jensen Beach, FL. Although I have parted out my Q200 - N2192D and sold off the parts, I would still enjoy the newsletter. $20.00 enclosed.

Les Craft - Montgomery, AL. Dear Dave, You are doing a good job with Q-Talk! Thanks!

William Wylie - Lancaster, CA. The enclosed check is for the 2002 subscription. The look, layout and quality of the newsletters are great and the quality of the photos is a great improvement.

Chris Rayner - England. Dear Dave, Enclosed $26 in grubby green ones, for 2002 subscription. You're doing a good job, keep it up! I'm hoping that the bills add up to $26 as your notes all look pretty much the same to me. As most of Europe has just changed to muli-coloured Monopoly money, anything that's all the same colour isn't easy to distinguish! I'm hoping this time next year to have something that looks like a completed Q200 in my garage! Then maybe during 2003, it will take to the air!

Jerry Kennedy - Sioux Falls, SD. Dear Dave, I pulled out my last issue of QBA newsletter to read it again. Guess what? - The reminder to pay my dues stared me right in the face. So here are my dues - sorry they are late. I really enjoy getting the newsletter. I want you to know that I really appreciate your dedication to it. As you probably remember I had a very bad oil leak at Ottawa. I should not have tried to fly it home. I landed several times to put in some oil. I ran it low on oil pressure several times. The last time was just before I got to Harlan, Iowa. The oil pressure was zero for about three miles. The engine ran fine all the way to parking but it gave me a big enough thrill that I decided to go no farther. I called my wife and she came to Harlan and got me. I stored the plane in a hanger for a week. I went back the next weekend and hauled it home. I had to take the engine out to transport the plane so I never did find where it was leaking for sure. I bought a used Revmaster engine that I am currently rebuilding. I am doing a complete valve job, new cylinders, pistons, new rod, main and cam bearings, new hydraulic lifters and a complete balance of rods, pistons and crank. I hope to have it back together and all checked out so I can make it to Mattoon and Ottawa. Thanks again.

Ed Note: We are all really glad you arrived home safely, Jerry, and wish you the best of luck on your engine rebuild.

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