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Q-talk 90 - Q-tips - Builder Hints - Drill Guage

When it is time to drill holes in the instrument panel for the throttle, mixture, and carburetor heat controls, consider using a drill gauge to identify the size of the hole. Before discovering this handy this little device, I would try to measure the diameter of the threads, drill the estimated-sized hole and then use a round file to achieve the real diameter. In comparison, when I used the drill gauge, I produced a hole with the proper diameter the first time and did not have to use the file at all. My drill gauge was purchased used at Sun 'n Fun for under $3. I have benefited from its design many times since then. You could make your own drill gauge, similar to mine, by drilling successively larger holes, by 64ths, into a piece of thin metal. Be sure to permanently mark the size of each hole as you proceed to avoid confusion when completed. You may also need to de-burr any rough edges to prevent injury to your hands when handling.

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